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  • How can I get involved with Camp Exclamation Mark?
    Go to the contact us page and send us a message on getting involved.
  • Do you provide food for your campmates?
    At Camp Exclamation Mark, we provide breakfast and dinner every day for our camp mates. Additionally, we have a full kitchen where you can prepare your own meals if you prefer. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to delicious and nutritious meals while providing the flexibility for those who want to cook their own food. We also accommodate special dietary needs and can customize meals to meet individual preferences. Our camp provides a communal dining experience, fostering a sense of community and togetherness among our campers.
  • How big is the camp?
    Our camp typically has between 65 and 100 members, with the final size being confirmed after official placement updates.
  • Can I bring an RV?
    Spots are limited and on a first come first serve basis so if you plan on bringing an RV we recommend committing early and paying your camp dues to secure an RV Spot.
  • What is provided by the camp?
    We provide 2 shade structures and furniture to relax on. We also provide a shaded kitchen area and provide meals for breakfast and dinner. We also provide a camp shower that is accessible to all camp members.
  • How can I camp with Exclamation Mark this year?
    For anyone interested in joining us. Go to the camp with us page and fill out the campmate questionnaire. Somone from the camp will contact you and set up a zoom interview to get to know you better. During these sessions, we pair you with a current campmates you haven't met yet. These Zoom interviews are laid-back and designed for mutual introduction—it’s just as much about you getting to know the camp as it is about us getting to know you. Here’s how it works: You submit your application We review your application. Your interview partner will set up a time for a chat. After the Zoom interview, we gather feedback and discuss your application. Finally, we'll contact you to let you know our decision.
  • How much are camp dues?
    The dues for 2024 are $350. You can pay through a variety of methods like card Zelle, credit cards or use afterpay to make 4 installments . Just a heads up, paying with a credit card or PayPal will add a $13 fee, so it’ll be $363 in total. Some folks choose to pitch in a bit more to help keep our camp going strong. Generally, we manage to break even with the money we collect from dues covering our expenses. Additional fees for RV's are $50 and if you need power for your tent or shift pod there is a $50 fee.
  • How are campers chosen
    Camp Exclamation Mark takes many factors into consideration to ensure a balanced team of campers each year. We carefully consider the shifts in which campers want to be involved, the ratio of veterans/newbies/virgins, and the origin of the members. This ensures that our camp has a diverse and inclusive community, with a mix of experienced and new campers contributing to the overall experience. Each camper's unique skills and interests are taken into account to create a cohesive team that can effectively collaborate and provide an amazing experience for everyone at Camp Exclamation Mark.
  • What do the dues cover?
    A giant shaded circus tent lounge area , electricity in the common area for charging small personal electronics, DJ setup and sound system, camp shower, shaded kitchen, meals prepared by your campmates each day for six days, continuously working on maintaining and improving all camp infrastructure, storage costs throughout the year and transportation to the playa for all our equipment, Interactivity events, decorations and much more.
  • Will I get a ticket through the camp?
    As a theme camp, we're lucky enough to get a batch of event tickets through the Stewards Sale (previously known as the Directed Group Sale). These tickets are earmarked for our awesome contributors who are deeply involved in the camp. Priority goes to camp leads, team leads, those heading up major projects, and those essential to setting up and breaking down the camp. Despite this, we're committed to making sure no one is left behind! We'll all be participating in the Main Sale, OMG Sale, and STEP, as well as reaching out to friends and keeping an eye on classifieds to ensure every member of our camp family can make it this year.
  • How and when can I register for shifts?
    As a member of Camp Exclamation Mark, all selected campers are required to sign up for shifts on Playa in early June. You will be expected to sign up for several shifts and fulfill your responsibilities, even if you are arriving later in the week. All campers are also required to stay for teardown at the end of the event. It is essential that everyone contributes to the camp's operation, maintenance, and participation in the Burning Man community. These responsibilities are crucial for creating a positive and inclusive experience for all members of our camp.
  • Are there any duties during my stay?
    We encourage every member of our community to join us in upholding the principles of communal effort and decommodification and demonstrate your support by committing to at least one - two shifts during the week.
  • Do I need to bring anything for the camp?
    We ask all members who are camping with us to provide 2 handles for the bar or a meal contribution that can serve up to 25 people. This will be explained in more detail in your camp welcome email.
  • How can I hold an interactivity workshop/performance?
    In June, we will have a form available for you to request workshops to be held at our camp. These requests will be thoroughly reviewed by our camp's leadership. If they believe your proposed workshop would be a great addition to our camp's interactivity, someone from our leadership team will reach out to you to discuss the details and logistics. We welcome diverse and engaging workshop ideas that align with the spirit of our camp, and we are excited to collaborate with you to create an enriching and vibrant experience for all.
  • How can I DJ?
    To apply to DJ at Camp Exclamation Mark, simply wait for our form to open up in June, where you can upload a 20-30 minute mix of your music. We aim to provide everyone with a fair opportunity to DJ at our camp, regardless of previous experience with us, so we encourage all interested individuals to apply. Our slots tend to fill up quickly, so make sure to keep an eye out for the application form opening. Thank you for your interest in DJing at Camp Exclamation Mark!
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