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Everyone who is interested in camping with us must fill out the membership questionnaire. Whether you have camped with us before or it's your first time, we require everyone to fill out the camp questionnaire.  (Click Here)


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Camp Dues: 

For 2024, the camp fees are set at $350 per person (RVs +$50), and once you've coughed up that cash, your spot's locked in. But hey, if you're a bit tardy and pay after July 30th, it'll be $375, and after August 15th, it jumps to $400. We're not just throwing out those dates and fees randomly; it's all about making sure we've got the dough in time to get things sorted before we hit the playa.

Now, those fees? They're not for our amusement or pocket lining. They're what keep our camp running, helping us buy, build, and fix stuff well ahead of time. So, when you pony up your fees, you're essentially saying, "Yep, I'm in!" and holding onto your spot. That's why we can't do refunds.

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What to Expect in 2024:

This year, we're all about "Eats and Beats." Picture this: daily grub, a rad bar, and live DJ sets under the playa sky. And when the sun goes down, we've got some killer events lined up. To pull off this epic vibe, we need everyone in the crew to jump in with 1-2 shifts a week, whether you're mixing drinks or flipping burgers. We're always upping our game, so get ready for some seriously cool stuff happening at our camp. 

What is Provided:

We've got you covered with a giant circus tent for shade, showers for keeping clean, a chill kitchen setup with all the gear you need, fridges and freezers to keep your snacks cool,  a sweet bar, a killer sound system with an LED wall, comfy furniture to kick back on, and, most importantly, a guarantee of a good time.

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Moop & Breakdown

Every day, we hit the Moop Walk. It's a team effort, so we're asking everyone to come along and help keep our camp tidy.

At 10:30 AM, we all meet up at the stage and go on a stroll together, picking up any Moop we spot. And hey, when it's time to pack up, we're all in this together too. We're counting on each of you to chip in at least 3 hours to help with the breakdown process before you head out.


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