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A Burning Man Camp

Returning for another year on the Playa, Camp Exclamation Mark has received an incredible placement for the 2024 burn. We are situated in the heart of the action in the 8:00 Sector at 8:00 & Agog. Our mission is to expand our community of fun and creative individuals who are dedicated to sharing extraordinary experiences, caring for one another, and developing lifelong, meaningful relationships founded on positivity and support. Camp Exclamation Mark envisions extending our family and values to embrace all genders, races, cultures, and nationalities, coming together whenever possible, and delivering the best possible Burning Man experience for all family members based on mutual respect, love, and consent.

Camp Exclamation Mark

Burning Man 2024

Our Home Away From Home!

Our camp started with a group of friends who decided to make it official.

We stand by Radical Inclusion and Participation. Our camp is more happy when our friends are near.

And we want to know they are having a good time so we value Radical Self-reliance and Communal Effort.

We also know how to respect the space we are in, so we take Leaving No Trace very seriously.

Camp Exclamation Mark Camp Members

Looking For A New Place To Call Home?

We love expressing radical inclusion, so feel free to send us a brief message with a little info about yourself, your social handle, and well reach out.

Make Your Mark!

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